Ultramarathon coming up

Probably I mentioned once or twice that my big, big goal is, to run an ultramarathon before I'm 30. Well, I still have three years to train but I guess I could also already try this year. 
I must confess that I really didn't train that much during the past year but I still feel quite fit. 
My motivation just wasn't really well due to the new job and maybe also because my little running partner Joschi is not very fond of running at all. He runs after balls, frisbees and stuff but rather not after me. At least not for more than 30 minutes. That's so booooring!
But now I actually feel that I could still make it. Tomorrow I'll do a two-hour (about 22km)-run to get the feeling again, on Sunday a three-hour-run (about 30km) and on Wednesday a four-hour-run (if I can still walk - so let's see how far I'll get). 
If all these runs go well I'll register for the ultramarathon on 13th of August. Yes, that's right. August. Not far away at all. But I really feel that if you ran a marathon before it is not too hard to do it again. Maybe not as fast but you will still get to the finish line somehow. So I suppose I'll also finish the other 8km after that.
Oh, I didn't mention: of course it is only a 'small' ultra for the start. Only 50km and right here in my hometown. If that's not my chance then I don't know. Maybe next year I've enough passion to run 100km. I also have to go on a trip to the mountains the next day. Guess what we'll do there. Right, we'll climb them. Yeah. Though I'll probably won't climb anything except of my bed.
So well, keep your fingers crossed. Let's see what the next two weeks will bring. :)

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