First Run: Positive

So, my first rather long run today was okay. 22km and I feel okay (though not up to go out to Starbucks as boyfriend#1 suggested). 
Right after I came in I made a smoothie (plum, apple, melon, nectarine) as Brendan Brazier recommends. That felt ok. To the second half of the smoothie I added some hemp protein, which I actually didn't like very much. But on the run I just listend to some podcast-interview and he mentioned how incredible hemp works for athletes. 
But it was just as if my body didn't want it. So I left it standing in the fridge - maybe later. I also had a nice couscous-salad (I hope Brendon would approve) about one hour after the run.
And why all this: to get the fastest recovery as possible. Remember: Only 23 days to train. Let's see what sunday's run will bring.

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