Dear readers,
I want to apologise that it is that quiet over here. Please understand, that the running rat is very busy with studying because of the exams at the end of February. On top of it, I also lost my job and therefore, need to write many, many, many applications. Anyone a good job for a smart, polite, hard-working student (exeptional is the 'horizontal business' of course)?

P.S. There is nothing interesting anyway. It is much to cold to run excessively and all the rest is on hold also because I have to sit in the library daily. So you don't miss anything. Exept of me getting fat.


Winter Rules Our World

A lot of snow over here! Which means: poor doggies with short legs, poor bikes that rust , poor bikers with broken bones and sleeping plants covered with a blanket of snow. 
Actually, only the runners don't think it too bad. I ran 22 km on Saturday and was amazed what nature can do. Beautiful!
But let me tell you: don't care for your looks and wear a lot of warm clothes. I also needed to drink a little grog after about an hour outside. Now I feel pretty nauseous. My fault.


Made your Race Shedule up yet?

Are you as hard-working and ambitious as running rat? Have a race shedule for 2010 yet? 
You should better get started to plan the approximate number of races you aim at and maybe you can already select which ones you're going to take.
 Remember: the earlier you register, the cheaper it is. Actually, I am registered for the Leipzig Marathon in April already (though this is rather because I joined the running group than because I am so quick in registering). Also, I planned to take the first race in March in a small place near our town called Eilenburg. I'll try to take the race offered at my company (though I take this race only because the company pays).  I'm also going to take part in the marathon in Palma de Mallorca in October. For the gaps in between I use local small races.
So this will make a ten-kilomtere run to begin the season, two marathons, one half marathon and some 10- and 20-kilometre runs depending general health and time needed for studying.

I am prepared. Are you?

If now they snow might be so polite to melt soon I can start training... Thanks.


10 Good Reasons to Join a Running Group

I finally did it. The first real sprint training!

Actually that was already some weaks ago already.When there wasn't as much snow, as there is now. And the good thing is, I'm going to do that regularly now. You probably would ask now why I am so sure about it. Well, I joined a running group in November. I would never be able to do that weekly on my own. A running group, on the other hand, is a thing that really helps. Why, you may ask. Well, there are several reasons:

1. You're not alone (and human beings are usually companionable beings).
2. You can get to know people very easily and maybe get new partners for training. 
3. You get to know people that are similar to you (at least concerning the hobby you never know): Sporty, active, out going. So then you always also have topics to speak about.
4. You get a bit of competition. This is very helpful for getting faster obviously.
5. You have a trainer can advise you concerning your sport.
6. You get motivation very quickly. If there is a nice man (or woman) there, even better. You'll never miss a training!
7. You don't have to stay in your lonely home at night because you got a date there. And important people have dates. Always! 
8.  With a running group you are likely to plan your training in advance. Therefore, you are also likely to becoming better (which means faster). 
9. You often get a cool shirt that tells you belong to a certain group. That's likely to give you more confindence in a race. Moreover, the running group guys are the cool ones! 
10. Sometimes, there are not only meetings to train but also informational meetings. In most cases there will be professionals giving some lectures about different topics concerning nutrition, health and other topics concerning your sport. I thought in the beginning I won't learn anything new there but to err is human!

So, if you are a more or less lonely runner, make the big step and join a running group or a club, get to know people and become more motivated, faster and even looking better than now!


Happy New Year!

Did you have resolutions for 2010? I had many (you probably, too). For example, I wanted to keep to my schedule. Run at least (!) 10 km per day. Well, I ran once in 2010 until now. I am impossible (you probably, too)!
My excuse: Over here, it snowed like almost all the time this year (What's yours?) You cannot really walk without slipping. I almost fell three times today and that was only on the way home from the library! How am I supposed to run like that? I tried yesterday though. 10km and it snowed like hell. I needed about three hours for defrosting. Boyfriend#1 took even longer. He ran in Vibrams (btw: good article about these shoes) and had frostbites in his toes.
So I decided: I give up. I simply leave it the way it is until the snow melts away. Living with the course of nature and all that. Because even when the snow melted my track will be rather consisting of one huge puddle than anthing close to a path. People in the Stone Age wouldn't have voluntarily went into a swamp to die either.
I gave something more up, too. Maybe you remember that my 30 day challenge ended on December 31th (well, I certainly did!). So I took that day and already started in the morning: I ate as much choci as I could. Actually, that was a lot. Something like two huge boxes of pure milk choci. Almost a whole pound all together. I didn't even feel sick.
Maybe that's the reason I can't go on like this with another 30 day challenge. I need choci! It's just too hard to live without it. I confess: Though, I made the resolution to stay with my new custom to only eat healthy sweets, I just can't. At least, I try to be a bit more sensible and only eat the 'bad' choci if I really have to. I try the healthy stuff first. I promise!

The good news is: We go on sports holiday on the weekend. I won't get down the treadmill until I  ran 25km. And I will swim and hike and use the sauna and all that. That's a promise, too.
Have a happy 2010!