Happy New Year!

Did you have resolutions for 2010? I had many (you probably, too). For example, I wanted to keep to my schedule. Run at least (!) 10 km per day. Well, I ran once in 2010 until now. I am impossible (you probably, too)!
My excuse: Over here, it snowed like almost all the time this year (What's yours?) You cannot really walk without slipping. I almost fell three times today and that was only on the way home from the library! How am I supposed to run like that? I tried yesterday though. 10km and it snowed like hell. I needed about three hours for defrosting. Boyfriend#1 took even longer. He ran in Vibrams (btw: good article about these shoes) and had frostbites in his toes.
So I decided: I give up. I simply leave it the way it is until the snow melts away. Living with the course of nature and all that. Because even when the snow melted my track will be rather consisting of one huge puddle than anthing close to a path. People in the Stone Age wouldn't have voluntarily went into a swamp to die either.
I gave something more up, too. Maybe you remember that my 30 day challenge ended on December 31th (well, I certainly did!). So I took that day and already started in the morning: I ate as much choci as I could. Actually, that was a lot. Something like two huge boxes of pure milk choci. Almost a whole pound all together. I didn't even feel sick.
Maybe that's the reason I can't go on like this with another 30 day challenge. I need choci! It's just too hard to live without it. I confess: Though, I made the resolution to stay with my new custom to only eat healthy sweets, I just can't. At least, I try to be a bit more sensible and only eat the 'bad' choci if I really have to. I try the healthy stuff first. I promise!

The good news is: We go on sports holiday on the weekend. I won't get down the treadmill until I  ran 25km. And I will swim and hike and use the sauna and all that. That's a promise, too.
Have a happy 2010!

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