Made your Race Shedule up yet?

Are you as hard-working and ambitious as running rat? Have a race shedule for 2010 yet? 
You should better get started to plan the approximate number of races you aim at and maybe you can already select which ones you're going to take.
 Remember: the earlier you register, the cheaper it is. Actually, I am registered for the Leipzig Marathon in April already (though this is rather because I joined the running group than because I am so quick in registering). Also, I planned to take the first race in March in a small place near our town called Eilenburg. I'll try to take the race offered at my company (though I take this race only because the company pays).  I'm also going to take part in the marathon in Palma de Mallorca in October. For the gaps in between I use local small races.
So this will make a ten-kilomtere run to begin the season, two marathons, one half marathon and some 10- and 20-kilometre runs depending general health and time needed for studying.

I am prepared. Are you?

If now they snow might be so polite to melt soon I can start training... Thanks.

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