10 Good Reasons to Join a Running Group

I finally did it. The first real sprint training!

Actually that was already some weaks ago already.When there wasn't as much snow, as there is now. And the good thing is, I'm going to do that regularly now. You probably would ask now why I am so sure about it. Well, I joined a running group in November. I would never be able to do that weekly on my own. A running group, on the other hand, is a thing that really helps. Why, you may ask. Well, there are several reasons:

1. You're not alone (and human beings are usually companionable beings).
2. You can get to know people very easily and maybe get new partners for training. 
3. You get to know people that are similar to you (at least concerning the hobby you never know): Sporty, active, out going. So then you always also have topics to speak about.
4. You get a bit of competition. This is very helpful for getting faster obviously.
5. You have a trainer can advise you concerning your sport.
6. You get motivation very quickly. If there is a nice man (or woman) there, even better. You'll never miss a training!
7. You don't have to stay in your lonely home at night because you got a date there. And important people have dates. Always! 
8.  With a running group you are likely to plan your training in advance. Therefore, you are also likely to becoming better (which means faster). 
9. You often get a cool shirt that tells you belong to a certain group. That's likely to give you more confindence in a race. Moreover, the running group guys are the cool ones! 
10. Sometimes, there are not only meetings to train but also informational meetings. In most cases there will be professionals giving some lectures about different topics concerning nutrition, health and other topics concerning your sport. I thought in the beginning I won't learn anything new there but to err is human!

So, if you are a more or less lonely runner, make the big step and join a running group or a club, get to know people and become more motivated, faster and even looking better than now!

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