First Marathon in Vibrams

Oh my, I wasn't here for a loooong time. But I'm still here and I am still the running rat. 

I have tested Vibram five fingers now for over six month and I must confess: they are gorgeous!
I know so many people who have big problems with their knees especially on long runs. Since I'm running in Vibrams I hadn't had this problem any more. I even ran my first marathon wearing Vibrams just one week ago.

Before I even got to the start I got some bewildered looks. Apparently, nobody in the small town of Magdeburg has ever heard of Vibrams. At the start the first people asked about the shoes. 'Is that how you do this in these times?', an about fourty-year-old lady asked me.
Another older man caught me on the track an wanted to know if running in these shoes was ok. Well, that was at about 38km. He could have guessed that everything was alright as I managed quite a bit of the way and still looked happier as some of the other runners .
Some young track attendants even knew the name of the shoes. Seems as if they get through slowly.

Still, there occured some minor difficulties. As Vibrams feel almost as if you'd run barefoot and the track had many of stony, chipsy paths my feet hurt quite a bit after only half of the way. But I guess that was just the same with all the other runners. 
However, as a Vibram runner you tend to chose your tracks on the basis of the quality of the ground. I'm sure as I kepp to running barefoot I will get tougher as my feet will adapt. 
During the marathon, however, I tended to run beneath the track from time to time to give my feet a break. All these asphalt streets were quite uncomfortable. 
Afterwards I realized running on the grass wasn't the best idea after all as I got a bit lazy concerning the running style.
I noticed a some pain in my lumbar region after the run which hints on a wrong style of running.

Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the result (which I'll keep to myself as it is not even close to four hours). It was a very windy day and I am happy that I ran in Vibrams.