Long Run and Lazy Day

At the moment I have not too much to say. 
I finished the long run on Wednesday (again without taking water and this time also without food) and it was quite hard but okay though it was very warm. I had my muesli before and a big salad afterwards. I ran for 3,5 h very slowly and my feet hurt quite a bit afterwards.
Vibrams take some time to adapt again.

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Maybe I have to run in 'normal' shoes at competition day. I don't know yet. Also my pace is still a bit of a problem. But maybe I can work at it during the next week. I'm not really rested anyway so that I could probably run faster.
Yesterday I didn't find the time to run because I had to work a bit for our website. I only cycled about 15k to see my parents and my aunt and went for a two-hour-walk with my best friend.
Today I ran about 2 hours slowly and will do the same tomorrow again.

I feel really wonderful and I'm very glad that I do the long runs again. ☀

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