30k finished

So, my second rather long run finished. It was a bit hard I must confess but this could also be due to the huge tour we did by bike yesterday...
Some impressions:

As you can see it was really beautiful. We have many lakes around town which I still need to discover... 

But about the run: When I started I wasn't even sure if I would make it shouldn't do the run on an other day. But as my time is running up I just ran without thinking what was yet to come. So I finished the 30km rather slowly but I did.

Before I started I had a big banana-strawberry-melon-smoothie which was delicious and fueled well. On the run I only had some banana-chips. I took them mainly to get the mood up though. If I run alone I'm often a bit lonely. I often watch other people, animals and nature but when the pain starts sweet stuff helps. If I really need fuel on the long runs (which will start on wednesday) I'll take dates. I didn't even need water - it wasn't very hot anyway.

The last third of the run was pretty hard though and my right foot had a big blister afterwards. I also had a headache all afternoon until I decided I would take a tablet though tablets are not good for regeneration. But otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do anything. 

So, I'll read some minutes and soon will fall asleep, I suppose. Nothing is better than a long run for a good sleep.

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