Two Months Vegan

Now I'm living almost two months as a vegan. 
As I'm also quite active, some problems developed. I often feel tired and exhausted (may also be due to 3-hour-runs but I did never feel like that last year with the same training). 
Luckily, I think I discovered the solution: I didn't eat enough protein to heal my muscles after the long runs. Great! Finally I've got the permission to devour as much soy stuff as I want!! Soy yoghurt, tofu, soy sausages, soy sauce.. hmmm! 
No, of course it is important to use different protein sources. So I eat as much leafy greens as I can; mixed with even more beans of all kinds (and many, many, many soy sausages and soy yoghurt -MIAM!). So let's see where this will take me - I hope right to the ultramarathon.
Very soon I'll have about two weeks off (Easter Holidays), then the big training starts! I plan to run the first really long run; at least 40km. Of course there will be also many smaller ones. Plus a lot of work for my job AND many translations for my new page.

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