On Running Groups

As I mentioned once or twice I payed for attending a running group. Nice thing if you want to get to know people who are interessted in the same stuff as you are. Probably lots of good looking men (and women but who cares). You can also learn so much from your trainers and ask questions about every little problem you seem to be having. You can even ask about you friends' problems. Awesome!

By the by: I never attended above two meetings of my running group during the whole winter. And they were both at the very beginning of it all. Then the weather got bad, it was dark early and I realised: it is simply not my thing to run in the dark parks as they usually did with the group. I am much too anxious to break my dear legs while not recognising the path I run on.
I understand the concept of timing the meetings late at night, though, when most people are free and can actually attend. I, however, really prefer using the daylight especially in winter when it is so bloody sparse anyway.
Therefore, I advise myself to not join a running group during winter again. There is no point in wasting money this way.
Moreover, me, the smart alec, never joined one of the lectures because those graduates in sports science won't be able to teach me anything new anyway. At least this was my excuse for not having to go out in the rain late at night.
On the other hand, I got to know one or two nice runners actually. If I had attend regularly it might have even been more. Well. 
Maybe there is a future for running groups after all. But first, boyfriend#1 needs to be fed up with me (or I with him).

pic by Kingray

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