The First Vibram Week

The past week has been very different from the weeks before. Probably the nice weather is a point but also the shoes do very much for my motivation:
In contrast to the passed few weeks without Vibrams I am very motivated to run now. Vibrams rock my world! Actually, I would like to run daily. Unfortunately, this simply not possible as my muscles first need to get used to (almost) barefoot running.
But after all, I am a little bit proud really. I improved this week from eight minutes to over a whole hour (73mins) of running. And I didn't even have to rest long in between the runs as others had to because of not being able to walk at all. ;) Altough, I confess that I planned a day's rest in between the runs. Therefore, I really had no bad muscle pains (which was astonishing to boyfriend#1).
That also proves the whole point of not overtraining. You can achieve so much more with starting slowly and carefully and not just starting with a normal 10km track.
On the other hand I really like adore to run the marathon in Vibrams because I am much more motivated to improve running barefoot than in 'normal' running shoes. Moreover, I didn't experience any joint pain until now which I often did in usual running shoes (especially on long runs). My biggest hope actually is exactly not to have them ever again as barefoot running spares your joints much better than the cusioning effect of common running shoes.
On monday and tuesday I'll go for long(er) runs (about 20km) with running friend#2. I suppose I'll have to do at least one in common shoes. This way, I can actually observe the difference between the shoes very closely. I'm very curious already.

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