The Perfect Job!

Running Rat got the perfect job now!
I can and actually have to train endurance as much as pace while working. Unbelieveable? Then you haven't worked as a waitress yet. Especially during Easter time it is amazing what people can eat and drink in almost no time. And this time I am really not talking about myself!
Anyway: it is a training for your whole body. You have to move fast, have to carry much and moreover, have no time to eat or drink at all. It is hot at my work place, too. This way, you not only feel like in a sauna all the time you're actually also perfectly prepared for the Marathon les Sables.
But to be at least a little bit serious: I appreciate this job very much. It helps me get my ideal marathon weight quickly (lost two pounds aready). And after over eight hours of rushing to and fro I am sure to be marathon fit!


  1. Aha, ein neuer Job. Wo denn? *neugierig bin*

  2. Hey Steffi,
    my new job's at the market place in Leipzig in a small café called 'Stein'. Come and visit me!