Fit to Run?

I'd better be! Marathon weekend just coming up. And what about my actual shape? I am sitting. Daily. Always. Since almost three months now. I will appreciate the time when - finally - there is not pile of eight or nine books on my table which actually should have been read until yesterday.
I want to run. Sincerely. But I simply cannot spare the time. Still,  I am sure to run the marathon. Why you will ask, I suppose. Because I am sure, I am capable and I made an affirmation. 
I am full of sorrow though: Maybe I won't be able to move afterwards for a week and maybe I will be full of remorse. How will I work then? On the other hand I cannot not make it. It would mean to having to dissapoint myself and to actually admitt that the running-group-money was entirely wasted. Moreover, it would be devastating to meet running group people after the run who made it and to be forced admitt that I didn't make it.
Therfore: Fingers crossed on Sunday, please. My affirmation will (hopefully) do the rest.

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