Why would you have a second fitness sport?

All the sportive people do more than one sport. Yes, that's adviceable. You need to train your whole body in order to keep healthy and balanced.

At least that's what I read in many books. Well, it does make sense. I just noticed how underdeveloped my arms were when I lifted (veeeery light) weights some weeks ago. A bit training would certainly help.
You also have to stretch after sports. I tend to forget it. Always.
And why should I pay for sports if I can run for nothing? I need to pay for swimming (at least in winter), I have to pay for the gym. And moreover it's almost always crowded with old people who just noticed if they don't intervene now it'll be over soon.
After you did your exercise and want to use the sauna... oh no-no-no! Don't look closer at your companions. I know it's natural but ugh. And this grandpa is even staring. Wah!
Even in a female fitness club. Don't wanna see what I'll look like in 40 years!

So I decided: as long as I have to pay for sports running and biking must be enough for my body. But the affirmations on my mirror say something different. I guess my brain needs to figure out the rest on it's own.

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