The Experiment

Stay on your couch today. Don't move. Eat as much as you want. You are allowed. This is why:

I ran a couple of days ago. Shocking, isn't it?!
But the really upsetting fact is: I ran 12 mins faster than usual! I repeat: 12. Just like that. Last time I ran 54:16 mins for a pace training. Same lap in the park that day. 42:33.
A day before the training I thought I an iron deficiency again which wouldn't have been surprising because I really don't eat a lot of red meat (the iron containing stuff). Obviously this wasn't the case. I take supplement most of the time anyway. (I'm a blood donor, so nobody has to sceam out loud that the sporty girl doesn't eat properly. Thanks.) So I really didn't know why I was that quick.

The good thing was: I had an assumption.
The reason why I ran was to relax myself. A dentist appointment was coming up and it was made fairly clear that I wouldn't leave the praxis without them pulling out one of my beloved teeth. I was full of mortal fear. Agony. Probably the pain would kill me. And if not the pain then at least my anxiety.
So I ran. Just the thing Oetzi would have done. Fleeing. As fast as I could of course. You'd better be the winner in Oetzi's times. And obviously I would have been the one that would have escaped the dinosaur (Though no Oetzi could have been as dumb as me and run back to the place where he met the dino.).

But of course I didn't want to tell to you to let your dentist get to your teeth without double checking. I don't want to see a lot of beautiful, young but teethless (male) runners at the next race (I don't care so much about the females.).
So I did just the same thing without a new dentist appointment coming up. And guess what. I even ran 20 sec faster than before they pulled my tooth out.

But on the other hand, I'm kind of complacent now. I really am that fast. Without fear dilating my veins.

And after all I did some detection and discoverd in my running logs: I did my regeneration work really well both times (and now you see why it might be helpful to protocol your trainings). A lot of no sports days before. Couch, choci, no moving. It seems to work. Never underestimate the importance of regeneration (and nutrition)!

And one more thing I leaned certainly: Training is much more effective if you can give everything because you're fit.

And next time I'll tell you how I became that fast a rat. ;)

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