What was my reason for running again? Can't remember - my feet hurt from running, my stomach hurts from eating too many lentils (need protein) and my eyes hurt because of the contacts but because my feet hurt I can't move to the bathroom to take them out and so I have been stuck on the bed for almost three hours. Well, at least I have water and choki - so that helps.
By the by - about the registration - everything is fine - you can even on competition day from 4-5:30am. Wow! But though I like to get up early I'll rather register on friday night. ✓

But after all I must confess I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here. I mean - I must be kind of insane to run that far. My feet hurt today already and it were only about 40k. Well. I told so many people, now I'll simply have to do it. I can lie the whole next day if I must. I only have to walk the dog three or four times. And I can also bike the dog so to say. Let's do it! 

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