Long Run and Biking Tour

Today I also did another long run - about 4 hours. The weather was perfect in the morning. A bit foggy and cool but supposed to become a nice, sunny day. When the outlook is like that I love to run! So I went for a quick walk with my doggy and was off.
This time I ate banana-muesli before I started and also took a bottle of cheap banana-apple-juice with me. Which was no good idea because it was just too sweet. Next time I'll try something else. Maybe a mixture with water but also a different juice. Any ideas? I don't like to take apple or orange juice for some reasons. Any good ideas?
Then I cheated myself again by telling me in the beginning that I wouldn't run all these kilometres anyway. In the end I did of course. But sometimes it's not very encouraging when you know from the beginning that you have almost four hours to run. So I told myself: "Maybe I can take this or that short cut or skip this or that part altogether." But time flew by, I also saw a fox like 5 metres away and he (or she?) allowed me to look at him/her for almost half a minute. Beautiful animal!
After my run I still hadn't enough (also the dog needed to go out) and so we went on a littler biking tour. I wanted to collect some mirabelles from trees I found on the run.
So we were away another two hours. After that I was really weary and so I slept a good three hours. Now I'm quite fit again for another small walk with the doggie.
Then I have a day 'off'. One 2-3 hour run on Thursday, some dancing on the weekend and a really long run (another 10k added) on monday and then I should be prepared...

P.S. Mirabelles are delicious!
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