New Shoes

I always told you 'bout running in vibrams, right? Well, surprise! I found really nice Fila-Shoes. 

I just stumbled across them while shopping with my mum. They were so cheap that I simply couldn't resist (and mum did the rest) - only half the usual price. And moreover, are they not just so cute? They are called skele-toes. Though I don't like the name so much I do prefer the design to my vibrams at least (they're blue not pink).
So I used them already for walking and biking - not for running yet though. But soon! I just have to get used to them slowly - otherwise: who knows if I can run on saturday? 
Yes, its only 6 days left. ♥ Tomorrow will be the last long run (about 40k). Then you have to cross fingers that they'll let me take part because - I'm soooo stupid - I missed the registration! You think that can't be true? Yes, I did. 
I thought it would be such a small run that I could even register the day before the run. But - surprise again - you can't! :'( I wrote an email already and will also have to call them tomorrow. Maybe I can register personally. Their bureau only around the corner after all.

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