Why Running Rat?

Now the interesting part: Why is the rat the runner here?
Well, first of all I am sure you know rat running. I am a city girl - so I do it all the time (but by bike of course). Sometimes I thought about doing it while racing but I honestly didn't cheat (yet).
Second, my chinese zodiac is the rat. Rats are loyal, devoting, intelligent, honest, talented and much more... I'm proud to be rat. Who wouldn't be?
Third, I was inspired by a different (but also rather unattractive) German animal.
Fourth, I didn't want to be identified (and presumably glorified) with a fair, beautiful and majestic animal like a horse or a lion (they are boring anyway). That is not me. If anything I'm small, quick 'n' creepy.
Last but not least I am not only a rat I also have some.
Yes, you read that. I have rats.
Everyone who shouted in digust: There is the hypothetic door. Get out.
Everyone who thought about sending me an exterminator or a cat: I don't like you.
And then look at this picture:

You would never hurt this little thing, would you?

Everyone who wants to alarm animal protection: I really do like you! But don't worry. My pets are no runners. In fact they are rather chubby and if at all they should rather start swimming. They are safe.

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